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Education System in India – do we need a revolutionary change???

September 29, 2008

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Last week, I came across a post of Nita on which made me think and present this post!! Being a recent graduate myself, and now working for a MNC in a core job….I here present you the scenario..

Suddenly I found myself in the world of competition, a global market….most of my first colleagues are Europeans…and I should say, though there is a lot of cultural difference and outlook difference, essentially everyone is same…..and I have learnt so much from them!!! One of my observations while working with the younger generation here is that though they seem bit slow in grasping; they are a lot more practical than us (Indians)…

I think, whatever we are [regardless of personal IQ level/intelligence] are what we learn during our schooling and University! Dont you agree?

My experience in a global platform, where I get to see and observe many young graduates like me from all over the world, says…”Our curriculum, is by far the best one” we have real good knowledge (if its studied well enough ofcourse) of all subjects before we tend to specialize….This gives us the edge of moving to any field when opportunity arises….and also an edge over others in understanding something thats exactly not our specialization (later in life)!!

Kids going to school now

Kids going to school now

If its so good then whats the change needed for???

Indian education system is more of commercial business now a days….a competition not in a healthy spirit but aimed at financial gains (both the management and students)….Adverts all over the newspapers claiming that their students have state/national highest……Isnt it getting too much on your head??? Is the essence lost???

My answer would be partially no…we did not lose it all yet!!….The only thing which we are missing from other education systems is “Practicality”…the essence of “Application of what we learn in theory”..


The same reason as above…commercialisation, unwanted unhealthy competition ( I wonder if we should call it competition anymore!!) How??? Let me tell you my point of view….because children/students are so much stressed to get marks that they just mug things up or totally spoil the exams!!! Now, neither of them does good !!

What change we need???

Something revolutionary!! That makes children feel good about what they are learning and look and find things where they can apply their small theories and jump with joy saying “eureka”…..instead of just mugging up books and throwing them off as soon as they finish!! I learned it the first way!! (thanks to my mom and lovely teachers!!) And I really found it helpful!! A healthy competition and a friendly approach!! (not too friendly :P) retaining our unique way of teaching !!

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  1. September 30, 2008 8:50 am

    Reading the title itself made me say a big YES, yes it needs a revolutionary change.

    Nice post. I agree when you say application of knowledge is missing.

    Education minstry and admin people are more worried about what the content of a book should be, not about how to apply things in life.


  2. September 30, 2008 10:21 pm

    Apparently I heard that the Western education is nore practice oriented. Have you figured it out already?

    Russian education is more thoretical too, but in fact I appreciate it a lot. It has been over 10 years since I greaduated and I benefit from it every day!
    I mean I could hardly use the whole amount of knowledge itself, but it indeed gave me such a basis and analytical skills, as well as something which makes a huge difference – the “general overview”, the ability to look at any issue from psycological, linguistical, political, economical, sociological, etc. view. The ability to see the truth for myself, based on that various analisys and deep observations…That is what the high education is actually about.

    I wonder if you have read my post about the Army. It is a bit similar. What I mean is that the Army is not about getting ready for war. Is not about fighting or so. It is about making men to men 🙂

  3. September 30, 2008 11:15 pm

    Thanks for the comprehensive comment Axinia…Its nice to know about different views from a diff country point of view….
    But I did not intend to say that I dont enjoy theoritical education…I reckon, that the practicality of subject/knowledge is not upto the mark in the present education system in India…

    Its true that this basic education we get in school forms the base for developing other skills later in Life…and so Its important….Its not just about mugging and copying in exams to pass!!

    I did miss that post of yours (I dont how I did actually!!)
    I shall soon read and see your point!!

  4. October 2, 2008 12:23 am

    I do agree with you Ramya….Indian education system fails to cultivate innovation in Indian Minds, other than that we are good in learning basics.Also I feel Indian education system is fast in including new and latest study areas where students can excel and compete with the whole world.

    In Thomas Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” , he describes how Indian and chinese kids learn at home and school.So far, Our system is best, but we do need scientists, researches…..

    As an alumini, we may influence our college juniors, our schools and our brothers and sisters to choose an innovative career path.

    This is a small way to change India..but when done together WE CAN ..!!

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