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Enter the dragon [ me in tag world :P]

November 11, 2008

There are certain times in your day-to-day life when you do/react/answer to things spontaneously. There are times when they become utterly disastrous and times when they actually turn out to be awesome 😀

Now here I am starting a tag – Spontaneous -Mention/post something that falls into above category could be about anything…good, bad, hilarious, serious…etc


Ohh Ya, you must be thinking why suddenly did this girl start a tag of course there is a reason…selfish reason hehe


Yesterday, I was digging through posts on my favourite blogger’s blog – and I found a comment I made on one of the posts and guess what – I was like OMG, its lovely!!


Read it again and here I am – fell in love with myself all over again!!


Wanted to share this with you people…so posting my comment again [Hope you don’t mind Axinia] This comment is on this post – and the comment is as follows :


“I feel, Happiness is something in you :-D………masssst feeling :-D……Many say its absence of sorrow…….hmm its similar to saying light and darkness…..I say I partially agree to this….why? Hmm….Its definitely absence of sorrow but its something more…..its a feeling that rejenuvates u…it still can be felt with lots of problems……Its a part of life….part of u that can never be separated amidst all other things !!

Either you should be blessed and ignorant like me of all the sorrows of life (I dont realise them to be problems yaar, definitely everybody has some sadness in their life and its not something odd happening to you – and ya, i consider myself blessed and I thank God )
or should be wise and too good like you who realize and still have control for not making the problems take over them


Nice na???

So this was me, a spontaneous reaction to Her post and I found it to be awesome 😛 !! I completely meant it but was not aware that I could put it so well 🙂

Now its your turn to do the tag 😀

I tag Axinia, Sharad, Sakhi, Apple, Nomad, Swaps [if you could add it as a nice photo post] and especially Raj 😛 [last time he escaped you see 😉 and hope you do this ;-)]

And ofcourse all those who like this post can do the tag for me 🙂

PS: I don’t know how a tag starts, I thought this is the way… if its not do let me know and you can anyway post comments on my blog as a reply 🙂

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  1. November 11, 2008 5:02 pm

    that is so cute of you, my dear “and here I am – fell in love with myself all over again!! ” – soo, sooooo sweet.

    that is a great idea for a tag, but may be you should explain it better (call it Spontaneous Tag or something like that)

    Normally when you tag, it is good to name everyone you tag, but sometimes it is really better to tag everyone who likes it.

    P.S. as far as I remember Raj does not like tagging 🙂

  2. November 11, 2008 9:13 pm

    Thankuuu so much Axinia…..You have no idea how dear you are to me 🙂 :-D!!

    Ya I take your suggestions and would give a name to tag 🙂

    Hm…Raj doesnt seem to shall wait and see 😀

    When are you doing tag? 😉


  3. smallstar permalink
    November 12, 2008 12:07 am

    I’ll do the tag as soon possible… 😉

  4. November 12, 2008 6:14 am

    That was simply great!! And thanks for tagging me… Will take some time to do this tag, but will do for sure!! 🙂

  5. November 12, 2008 11:53 am

    🙂 hmmm will surely do it 🙂

  6. November 12, 2008 6:01 pm

    Oh dear! You seem to be determined to make me do a tag 😛 As Axinia said, I’m not a fan of tagging 😐 but I’ll do both your tags (I don’t know when though 😦 ) as I don’t want to disappoint you 🙂

  7. November 12, 2008 9:45 pm

    @ smallstar, Sakhi and Sharad – Thankoooo 😀

    @ Raj – I am smiling off to glory….Thankooooo so much 🙂

  8. November 15, 2008 6:11 am

    well ramya.. readin this one i was reminded of one of ur blogs.. in which.. krish asked u not try holdin air in ur hands.. n when out of everybody’s surprise.. u replied.. “im tryin to hold it.. im breathin it in.. so that its a part of me n cant escape..!!”…u rock..luv u

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