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Er…55 Tag?

March 29, 2009

Picked this up from Solilo and Dhiren’s blog!

Well, in this case, its not actually fiction, but could well be! So do not know if it qualifies, but thought I would post it 🙂


He : Don’t try to hold air in your palms…..Its just escapes through the finest gap it finds!!

Me: (to my own and his surprise) : I am not trying to hold air , I am breathing it through….it cant escape anywhere……its within me, a part of me!!!


A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)

A setting,

One or more characters,

Some conflict, and

A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)

Happy Ugadi!

March 26, 2009

Last week, when I wrote my Spring Post, Sailaja aunty left a comment saying “Common we too have Spring!, its not quite the same though!” …..Ahh well , How could I miss it?? Ofcourse we have SPring and as aunty said, its not the same way!!

Today is the start of Chaitra Maasam , new year according to Telugu Calender. And Chaitram marks the advent of Spring in deccan India…..a season, where the cuckoos starts singing, where the forests and trees grow green ….and most importantly, the season of Mangoes start!! Yum Yum….you guys must already be enjoying…gosh, we dont get good mangoes here! [only tinned and i dont like them] Read more…

Spring’s Here :)

March 22, 2009

When daisies pied, and violets blue,
  And lady-smocks all silver-white,
And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue
  Do paint the meadows with delight,

— William Shakespeare

Thats when you know Spring’s Here! Read more…

Dev D – Movie Review!

March 15, 2009

Well, I decided now that I have internet and I do watch a lot of movies, why not save my views as reviews on my blog! Bingo, here I am setting up a template and started writng the review ! And Here, you might find reviews, of old movies too….Its just my take and who knows these might suggest a nice movie for you guys! 

Movie Name :  Dev D

Cast and Crew : Abhay Deol, new comers – Kalki Koechlin Read more…

A Roman City in England!

March 14, 2009

Guess where I am going to take you now??? To my place….Chester!! I personally love this place coz its calm and nice but very centrally located to go if you want shor and happening spots!

Why did I say Roman city? Let me give you a bit of history, [since many of you might nt know unlike other cities i have posted about!]

It is one of the ancient cities of England and was first conquered by ancient romans…..The city is still walled by the famous Chester Wall and is guarded by Roman Warriors as they say! [One of my collegue even tried scaring me saying bhoots exist roaming around guarding the city!]

Whats it famous for – A major retirement location, famous for dairy – milk, butter, icecreams etc, classic white city!!

Where is it located – just into North Wales, like a unmarked border between North Wales and England! Equally distant from liverpool and Manchester – Situated geographically in so called NORTH WEST region of UK and just missed the Scout accent! Phew!

How is it like? – Tourism wise, every summer, you find most people merry making in and around chester! Mainly families with kids or older generation come here because of locality and type of city! Its not a too happening place so negligable youth!

To West side, there are North Wales Mountains, infact from my flat I could see the snowcapped Snowdonia! Read more…

Westernisation??? I cant help disagreeing!

March 12, 2009

Manju’s post on ragging made me write this here………and Dev D movie….well, one thing I hated about that movie is drinking alchohol…..and like butterfly effect, though movie is made well…to me it was half cooked, though I loved Chandu’s role in the movie…….Why the hell should one drink alchohol out of limits when the girl dumps him or vice versa???It get to my nerves….this is def not westernisation, its our  half knowledge interpretation!


Its not fun anymore….sometimes i see all the articles which keep saying abt y shud we be having opposition for westernisation…well….i cant agree completely….drinking…drugs….where are we getting all this from? I dont say its all western and all….but its def not our way of living…..they faced everything , broke things up and now are trying hard to get rid of …n we like a fox trying to imitate a tiger , are following what we see in movies, or what we think of westernism…..we r not even getting westernised!

  Let me ask you something, a westerner who watches bollywood movies when sees you says, u guys have lot of fun i know i have seen the films….how many of you would break into laughter and say “Boss , they are movies, reel life not real life!” Then it should be the same case with Hollywood right? 

Let me put this way,  Well…they give independence at 14-16 yrs to their children and so are left to make their own living… do they do that? they go to universities? not many…..govt gives them certain grants to study…so few study and few fall into wrong ways….but its the philosophy of “Jo Karega wo Bharega” ….whoever fall into bad habits, would be struggling to maintain themselves……it doesnt seem odd at all coz both the kid and the parents know the fact that you earn your own bread and better! 

So for a person , entering 20, he/she already has experience to deal with things, pay their own bills and managing themselves if not taking care! Everyone is responsible for their own self!  Now let us come to our country! Here , no we dont do first part but kids try to be independent without being responsible……is it not that simple???

I dont mean to criticize my country and its people, ofcourse I dont want to….I love my country, its varied culture….but the thing I am talking about now is not something against patriotism, but its basic logic, applies to anyone and anything!!


  So what we do is out of half knowledge……Parents bring their kids up in ultimate protection till 20 and suddenly, they are set free and children want to be more independent…..if daughter comes home late in night, and mom says it doesnt seem right beta, its seen as jaling the girl in 4 walls….Think again?? [exceptions exist, i am not talking abt them now]

If son comes drunk to home, the next day stays ill because of hangover and overdrinking…..father says its too much beta, its not good for health…..ohh it hurts his ego…son walks away in anguish and anger! or even sometimes talk back saying “Its not wrong when you do, but its wrong when I do” …Think again??

All I am trying to say is for god’s sake all this cannot be masked and taped as westernisation!  Every culture and lifestyle have their own advantages and disadvantages! There is no comparision and there is nothing good and bad about it…..when you enjoy the pros, we should also be ready to face the cons! Trying to imitate something blindly and attributing the bad results to the source DOES NOT work! At the end of the day, who is at loss? 

The Tricky Photo Story!

March 9, 2009

Kanagu tagged me with this tag……the rules are

  • Pick the 6th picture of your 6th photo folder.
  • Tell a story around it.
  • Pass it on to six other people you like.

So I digged….and since it dint say any limitations on 6th folder of which photos…I took liberty of selecting 6th folder of my recent India trip and the 6th photo this is what I found!! Read more…

My Love – Music :)

February 27, 2009

Musical Mood – Dreams by Corrs

 Time : 1pm

Date – sometime in mid june 2006

Place – JNCASR Bangalore.

I was doing my project there, and it was mainly [not technically speaking] to coat a carbon nanofiber with BN chemically! And so I kept my small little fibre nicely with all the necessary things for experiment in the furnace for 8hrs [overnight] and morning I came and opened the furnace , what did I find?? NOTHING!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa all my efforts are gone just like whoosh….[incidentally it burnt to CO2, and later I realised ofcourse it was an EXPERIMENT darling!]

But then, Tears welled in my eyes…suddenly all that happened before flashed before my eyes……mummy….and suddenly I realised I was 750km away from HOME!!!! And waaaa I was crying like a baby wanting to go home…..then before it became too embarrassing, I left the place and nearest silent room I found was the TV room. So went there and there was Bombay songs playing, then Dilse and then Roja…..half hr later I came out of the room and really completely forgot about the disaster…..Such is my love and addiction to Music…..I study , work , cook with music on….if I cant hear it I would sing 😀 It’s a part of me and so my life……It gives me energy I think!!

So when DI tagged me with this, I was like Ohh Dear, Why Don’t I have internet now??????? Bust still here I am doing this very very awesome [too many superlatives? I mean them all :)] tag.

 Legend – Song/songs – Album/Film

Hindi –


1)       Kal ho Na ho: Should def say Sonu Nigam has sung it sooo well that its my alltime fav.

2)      Zara Zara(RHTDM)…Vaseegara , Manohara whatever language…its magical 🙂 Infact all songs of RHTDM, -Sach Keh raha Deewana Dil, Dil ko Tumse Pyaar hua

3)      Taal se taal mila… [actually all songs from Taal].

4)      Aa bhi ja…- SUR …..most of the songs in Sur I like….this one special memories…..It was a time when I started to be among hindi speaking people and trying to learn hindi……and I understood it as “abhi ja abhi ja” [please go now] and thats it, you could imagine whats next!

5)      Hum aapke hai kaun…woh hai nisha song…Waise, is there more in movie than songs? 😉

6)      Ek din aap yun – Yes Boss  

7)      Chodo naa mujhe yun bekarar sa…Rules,Pyaar ke superhit formula…….sweet and soothing song 🙂

8)      AR Rehman – All Songs wonderfully composed by this great man.[ Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, like Roja, Bombay, Dilse etc are always in ok?]

9)      In Dino – Life in a Metro

10)   Bheegi Bheegisi – Gangster

11)    Beete Lamhein – Guess its TRAIN

12)   Hosh Waalon ka khabar – Sarfarosh

13)   Pehla Nasha Pehla Qumar – Jo jeeta wahi sikander [ I think]

14)   1942 a Love story – Ek Ladki ko dekha, Kuch na Kaho, all songs actually!

15)   Jadoo hai nasha hai, chalo tumko lekar chale – Jism

16)   Pehli nazar mein – Race [Man, I love all the songs from this movie….nice beats there]

17)   Na Tum Jaano Na hum- Kaho Na Pyaar hai – Ofcourse how can I forget my dear Hrithik 😛

18)   Badi Mushkil hai – Anjaam and Lajja in both movies – two diff songs but love both of them.

19)   Taare Zameen Par – Title song, Meri Ma


Lagaan – actually love all songs!



1)       Sakhi songs….played in 3 languages….sung in 3 languages….we used to have loads of fun, me singing telugu, samyuktha singing Tamil and plava singing Hindi all at the same time Karaoke with music loud just before the end sems started !! Awesome it was in hostel…. Gearing up ourselves we used to tell others: P

2)      Nuvvu Nuvvu (Khadgam)…Awesome song to listen to 😉

3)      Seetharamayya gari Manavaralu – Kaliki Chilakala Koliki, Samayaniki Tagina Pata Padina, Poosindi Poosindi Punnaga….

4)      Roja…Paruvam Vaanala , Vinara Vinara,

5)      Gharshana…Ye chilipi Kallalona, Ondra Renda Aasaigal from Tamil version Khakha Khakha

6)      Gharshana old movie – Ninnu Kori Varnam, Oka Brindavanam.

7)      Godavari songs – Manasa Vacha

8)      Anand songs – Nuvvena [exclude the male voice please], Yamuna Teeram and Yadalo Gaanam

9)      Santosham –  nee tolisariga and So much to say that I love you

10)   Gulabi – ee rojaithe chusano ninnu

11)    Pokiri… Gala Gala paruthunna Godari la…awesome song….

12)   Bommarillu…I like all songs…. according to the tag, let me pick up soothing song – Nammaka Thappani Nijamaina

13)   Naalone Pongenu Narmada – Surya’s movie guess from Tamil [something son of Krishnan]

14)   Little Soldiers – O o Vendi Vennela

15)   Aamani Padave Haayiga ,O papa Lali, Om Namaha – Gitanjali [Ilayaraja is another fav of mine….His composings are magical, no comparision at all!]

16)   Dobuchulatelara [kannamuchi elara in Tamil] – Priyuralu Pilichindi [Kandukonden Kandukonden from Tamil ] story wise its sense and sensibilità

17)   Donga Donga , Kotha Bangarulokam, Veera Bobbili Thotalo, Thi Thiyani – From movie Donga Donga [ Thiruda Thiruda in Tamil , old one guys not Thiruda Thirudi]

18)   Nijanga Nenena , Nenani Neevani, OK anesa – Kothabangaru Lokam [movie]

19)   Sollanum Kettepadhillai – Tamil movie dont know the name but very romantic song [sorry if any mistakes in spelling]

20)  Kammani E prema lekhani – Guna [Kanmani ennodu kadhalan in Tamil ]

21)   Eto Vellipoindi Manasu – Ninne Pelladutha….Sandeep chowta man, he has done a great job esp in this movie….I can watch n times 🙂

22)  Poovullo dagunna Pallentho – Jeans [Ajooba song from hindi version of Jeans].

23)  Chandrullo vunde kundelu – Nuvvosthanante nenu vaddanatana





1)       Corrs – all the love in the world, breathless, dreams, summer wine, Ohh I seem to love all of them!

2)      Westlife – Ohh they are these soft songs, mostly love…

3)      Boyzone – I am sorry and no matter what…

4)      Never gone….. Backstreet Boys….kool one.

5)      I will love you forever and always – Shania Twain

6)      Somewhere I belong – Linking park [def not the one onto soothing song list but anyways like this one a lot! So thought to share]


Ohh well, that’s enough for now I guess….I am sorry I could not link them as you know I am typing in word and copy pasting it. I am sure I would be updating, so keep watching this space 😀

Good news is I am getting my internet on 4th March 😀 Yayyyyyy…Am waiting to get back to read all ur blogs and ofcourse write on mine 🙂

Dear Readers!

February 13, 2009

Dear readers,


First of all , are u missing my smiles on here? Good good , actually I am being a proud blogger then right?


To be honest with you, I am def missing your blogs….just now I had around 120 unread items in my reader and god knows how many more …..shud try some new geeky thing to read it ofline like google gears! Read more…

Dear Art

February 5, 2009
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Musical Mood : Smile an everlasting smile

I say dear art coz, the art which I am going to show you now, is the work of my rakhi-bro at college, topper, 10 pointer and would-be scientist 😉 This is something I loved , flawless and felt as a great piece of art!  I am really proud to know such an artist in person and am lucky to see and review his art!! Rao – I bow before your talent in this painting!

I felt many of you people [my readers] have a great taste for art so wanted to share it with you!

He doesnt know about this, and this is my surpriseeee to him! Hope he likes it!

Enjoy and if you see this post, please make sure u do drop a comment along with your first reaction! Thanks a lot! I respect and appreciate your time 🙂 

Edited later – I am removing the painting, since my surprise dint seem in place for him and I respect him!

Thanks for the lovely comments.

PS : Just a clarification, it was just my interest to surprise him this way and not for publicizing! This is his hobby and just a hobby!

Me 🙂

PS: I am moving home and it might take about 15 days for me to be back! So be back soon, miss me 😉