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~My Bucket List :) Wishing, Hoping and Attaining~

December 7, 2009

Now that I am back to blogging after a real loooooong break , I am struggling to keep the pace…..I thought, lets go gradually and Nita rightly tagged me with My bucket list tag!!

I never really wrote down what I want to do but when I thought for this tag, I was pretty clear of what I wanted to do -atleast 5 things popped in my head within no time…..Let me jot down whats on my mind now!!

1) To start a small school atleast primary school…….this actually fullfills, 2 of my dreams, a school for kids and a school for which my mom can be a principal and teacher 🙂 She loves teaching and this is best possible gift I can ever give her 🙂

2) To be honest with you, I wanna marry a nice guy who would be my best friend for the rest of my life 🙂 . I wanna support and share my ideals with him and vice versa…….I know this is not something to be in my bucket list, but I am really curious to see what happens with me in this big step of life……marriage for sure, would change my life completely…..juss hoping for the best!

3) I realised I love to travel……I like to just get away for a weekend, in a new place, exploring the city/countryside and discovering new things….I dont want to rush around covering as much as possible but I want to spend real good time peacefully . Hope I get the money, time and company to accomplish this 🙂

4) I love to develop my interest in photography and try new things & read more books

5) I wanna finish my learning in carnatic music ! I did 2 yrs and came till varnas but I really wanna be an expert level singer if possible learn to play musical instrument as well

6) There is something in me which I wish stays forever as I grow old ………I always found myself loving and enjoying anything I did so far….I wish this stays with me forever 🙂

Well to be honest with you, the list goes on and on and I thought I should stop here 😛

I felt really good and glad today 🙂 One of my childhood friends, wrote me an awesome testimonial……at a time I never expected it, it made me smile…..and [secret], our another best friend was jealous and it made me smile 🙂

I feel blessed 🙂 I feel awesome and I feel gooooooooooooooooooooood 😀

And more news coming up….I am COMING TO INDIA 😀 Yayyyyyyyyyyy Next week this time, I would sleeping in my mom’s lap !! Cant wait…..really! Its been sooo long….12months !

Edited to add:

Ooooh I forgot to pass on the tag…….I tag, hmm let me think,

Axinia, Prerna , Hitchwriter, IHM & Kanagu.





November 30, 2009

I just realized, “we make friends as we go…we learn a few stuff, we teach a few stuff…As we go on with our life, things change, priorities change, we change and they change…but there are very few of those, who would stay n mean the same to you… and for whom u wud stay and mean the same! I am lucky to have not one, not two but 3 of them and they are lucky to have me too :)” 

This was something I wrote first thing in the morning on Saturday………updated it on facebook…don’t ask me why! 

I wrote I just realized but what I meant by that, its not something new, its not something that I never felt before…but its something that I felt it once again…reassuringly happy 🙂 

I used to feel bad before, if one of my friends [not best friends] say that I don’t know much of them…I used to feel, I should have known them enough and all that…now, I don’t…. its not because I love them less, but its because I should respect their feelings too. 

At college, we make friends, friends for life we say! No matter what, we would say to each other, we will stay together, and whenever you need help, we will stand by you and support you! I don’t know about you guys, but I felt we could stay and keep our promises…and I still feel that! 

There were few friends of mine, who used to try to make me understand that it’s not possible, once we are out, we’ll get on with our own life and forget everything! I never agreed and I would never agree! Nothing wrong on their side, I suppose, its just the perspective…for me, if you think you cant, you never will!! It’s about understanding and respecting each other’s space and priorities…and it’s about security that no matter what you would stay n mean the same for them…. 

 Two reasons, one, I never believed in that…two, I have proof now that we wont! It’s been 2 years since we left college and my 3 best friends are the same to me still! We live in 3 different time zones; we don’t speak that often now since we are too busy with work and everything…but touchwood, we exactly know how each others life is! We never missed an important and essential phone call and we are all always there to share happiness when one achieves something, and frustration when one of us is having tough time at office. In 2yrs time, we would be married, and step into an all new world………I am sure, however, we will give each other space and time to settle down…but we will stay with each other and share the same feeling…I am sure the other 3 agree 100% with me and have the same if not more confidence! 

I feel, all this is because we understand each other very well…we have a similar background and up bringing and at the end of the day, we all respect parents and they are most valuable than anyone else in life…So we would not feel bad that one of us dint do something because she had something sudden [not necessarily imp] at home! We would surely ask her to compensate for it but never take it as a serious stuff and nag her. We all are completely different from each other personality wise, but we respect those differences!! We know as we move ahead with life, each one of us will face different circumstances, we surely share that with each other to make everyone aware of how is it in that part of world!


This post is dedicated to those 3 friends of my life – renu, sam and plava…and of course myself 🙂 for being

1)       Such an awesome foursome

2)      For teaching one another how to be more accepting, loving and respectful

3)      For learning how to respect differences and how to see the similarities

4)      For being happy souls and for inspiring others to be happy

5)      For making each other believe in oneself and allow to grow into the persons we are now!

6)      For just being there!


Love You Loads!

Yours lovingly,

Ramya 🙂


Oh don’t go away that soon…I have more to say…as I updated this status message, I soon got a comment saying “ Ramya, hand raised”. There I sat thinking, oh yeah! How could I miss?

 Yes, I am more blessed than you think I am…There are 3 more friends in my life, whom I considered as friends when I did not know how to spell it. 12 years passed before we spoke to one another again …… lost and found like we joke…. I remembered them very well all through these years but not once did I expect them to find me again searching! I was sooo glad and jumping with joy when I saw the scrap…. one more reason to love orkut: P

And here I am, feeling more blessed, feeling happier and feeling luckier to have my childhood friends back 🙂 Thank you, Jay, Vinay and Anila 🙂 

This is a post of celebration of friendship and the true meaning of it 🙂 ……I dedicate it to us 🙂 – me, jay vinay and anila another awesome foursome I say!


Me 🙂

~Back to the world of Blogging~

November 14, 2009

Back to the world of blogging!

Ya Ya, I am alive still, thanks to all those who dropped comments on my blog, who even mailed to ask how I was doing. I have been replying to everyone saying, I will be back this week, that week and never could make my promises….Apologies from the bottom of my heart and thanks for pushing me this far  😀  …I missed you guys terribly !!!

No, it was not that I got married, not that I got a boyfriend, not that I lost interest in blogging…..Its simple laziness…..don’t curse me now…..Slackness is the word I was looking for….I was too busy at work and got so tired by the time I was back, that I did not want to sit before computer for another 10 mins….I know, I deserve the bashing…

Why am I back now then? Well being a typical Arian, got bored of my lifestyle now….Wake up, dress up, go to office, have fun, come back home, cook [sometimes only] , eat and sleep….isn’t it boring….I have had enough of this relaxing cool boring life, so decided to jump into something else…..but first of all, this is something I have always wanted to do !

Joined gym, never lost a gram of weight, but fitness improved definitely…Oh ya, now I can climb up and down huge vessels and columns easily: P ….Waise, i never told you guys what I do right? I am an engineer 😀 ……I remember manju said, she was very surprised I am an engineer, arrey yaar compliment haina….I am good at my job and this means I look to be good at something else too 😛

I have a good group of friends here and we always go for movie on weekends…man, I watched so many movies of late and if I don’t have anything to write about i will definitely keep writing reviews on movies J

And patha hai? Of all things I passed UK DRIVING TEST!! Man, i am so proud and pleased with myself…..but i still need your appreciation, so go ahead, congratulate me 😛 ;)….So i bought a car, old new car I call it…..Ford Focus, 1.6 petrol 😀 !! I already cracked the bumper in my own car park within a week!! But now everything is fine…I am comfortable and all driving at high speeds on motor ways!!

Yahan kya kya hua ?? I know ki Sakhi ki book publish hua…Congrats Sakhi 🙂

Gopinaths book has been reviewed and I did read it …Congrats aapko bhi 🙂

Nita visited UK and dint meet me waaa…..waise galthi meri thi….if I had been active, i could have told her beforehand and we could met somehow J…chalo koi nai, she promised she will meet me in Mumbai !! Kanagu awarded me even in my absence and I am sooo happy he remembered me !! Thanks Kanagu!! I pass on these to all my friends on my blogroll!!



And everyone, do drop in your comments ….how are you all, whats happening and all?  I will come knocking at your doors soon 🙂


Sapna Dekha hai Maine

May 10, 2009

Last time, when I did DI’s tag on Soulful Songs ….I said I would update too…I am being very bad these days with my baby blog!! I am getting too tired after office, and weekends, have loads to do pending since weekdays i am virtually living in office! But today I decided I would make a point that I spend one hr atleast on blogging , both reading my favvvvvv ones [man I am missing!!] and writing new posts….Hope I stick on to this!

Read more…

“I am Back!!!”

May 4, 2009

“I am Back n Back with more smiles and tulipssss!!!”

Tell me, Did you miss me?? Well, I would love to hear that you did, but u cud be honest too 😉 … I def missed your posts and mine too……There are around 500 unread posts in my reader , more so on my blogroll! Guys hope u dint forget me, I would soon come and leave my “precious” 😛 comments on urs 🙂 

Ohh Ya, I said , I am back with more smiles and tulips right? Here we go!!

I went on work to a village called Noordwijk in The Netherlands for 9 days…..weekdays , man I tell  you, were damn hectic [8am till 10pm mostly!] but this hotel where we stayed was on beachside, so dinners and work in evenings too on beachside [ dont i have a cool job? :P] 

And weekends, I went to Amsterdam for the first weekend…and second weekend I went to Tulip Garden called Kekunhof !! As always, pictures speak volumes more than words ,so here we go 🙂


The first photo  is Eglantiers Graht , this is where my friends was there in AMS [thats how i cud have 2 weekends there, tourism clubbing with work!]….Its very walkable distance to Anne Frank House! The 3rd photo in collage is a boat house. It is said, that for the area in NL , population is very high, so it was very normal for people living on the sea/canals like these…and they still do! It was very interesting to see these boat houses. ams-25041  The first and last photos are churches near DAM SQUARE in Amsterdam. Dam Square is the city center and the place where Madame Tussauds is there….I felt Belgium’s Grand Place is based on this Square. The 3rd photo is my office in AMS….isnt it cool? on the bank of the river Amster and each day we need to go by ferry across the river.

ams-250431So here is the feast for your eyes 🙂

Kekunhof, here it comes, all for my precious beloved readers!



Hope you had smiles on your faces after seeing these :)!

PS: I have no idea why the pics are small, I did upload just as I used to before, but did not work! someone please advise me if you know how to make them bigger . For now , please click on photo to view the full size 🙂 thanQ 😀


Ideas worth Spreading, Seeing and Amazing!!

April 16, 2009

Oflate I have become sooo bad towards my blog…no regular posts…waaaaa… too tired with work at office now a days…its like , all i do is work…so I deserve a break, haina?? Yayyy I am off to Netherlands , the TULIP Garden Nation, next week …..Ohh dont think its a real break…its not holiday, but on business! So thats the update from my side…

Now coming to post, I have been aiming to share this info since a month now, but could not post in time….

I dont know if you heard of TED? If not, read on….even if you heard, read on….What I am going to share is something AMAZING and something each one of us would appreciate and be proud of !!

The genius behind SIXTH SENSE, Pranav Mistry! 

He is a grad student at MIT, and he did do wonder! Its awesome…

I strongly recommend you see this video and I am sure you would be as mesmirised as I was!

Isnt that wonderful…amazing? 

Its just one among many others in TED…Now go on, Follow TED and Join TED! Spread the word, Spread the ideas 🙂


The Mystery Revealed :)

April 10, 2009

Well, its time to reveal the mystery gift I was telling you on my birthday!! Guess what??? As I thought , if its a gift, its def from Renu else its not a gift, must be something else 😛 and Yayyy Yayyy its a gift and from renu 🙂

Lovely Lovely Lovely 🙂 Guess the ear to ear smile on my face 😆

Its a beautiful hand made photo book with all our photographs 🙂 It made me smile with tears in my eyes 🙂 

You know what? we are 4 friends from coll, virtually roommates for all 4 yrs……and we are all so damn lucky to find each other…thanks to our seniors  who said, ragging is done place wise and all of us are from hyd so a grp! Our seniors were another lovely bunch of people….10 in number, they told by example how to enjoy the collegelife and pave the career path at the same time………There was not a single day where we didnt admire them for what they are…..their friendship probably was the unconscious inspiration for us!! I am sure these would be exactly how the other 3 wud feel too!

Made my college memorable, we had lots of silly fights and learnt a lott from the special qualities of each other….To see, speak we are all so different  but inherently we are just the same………..just like a rainbow colours which are from pure white 🙂

See even now, got gift from one , and I cant stop at thanking just renu 😛 ……You c an see the colors of everyone in any one of us!  We are all what we are now because of each other! 🙂 

If one of us is wrong, other sit and tell…..we never felt any hesitation in saying something frankly coz we are so damn sure of each other. Ya we did feel bad , had silly fights and all but even thru those fights, we used to be stubborn just because we are so damn sure this issue wont have bad ending! Agree girls??

4 of us now in 4 diff places, 3 diff time zones…but still friendship is as strong as it ever was!! Renu says, heights yaar 😛 

Its like, we are always there for each other, no matter what!! cant even think otherwise….

All those quotes about friendship seem so true! 

Well, yaar words never suffice, I could write on and on 🙂 …

Lovely ladies, You all are my priced possesions, precious, and lovable friends 🙂 I am sure I could have said We here instead of I haina? 🙂

Pictures speak better than words so here you go 😀 


This is the greeting card I got and the front and back of the photobook 🙂


This is an excerpt of whats inside….lot more of personal photos which I dint think are ok to post here 😛

Look, she even featured my blogs 😀 she knows how much I love them 🙂 unsaid , given that she is not much interested in blogging 😀

Love U Loadssssssssss girl!!

Me 🙂

PS: Guess what?? You wont believe! renu’s budday is on may 19th and I had already bought a photobook and was decorating it like the same way she did! Same idea eh 😛 and now, man, i should be thinking of a new idea and get more creative!

Things which make me smile!

April 5, 2009

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday! but delay delay delay!!

3rd April was my budday 🙂 but was in office all day long buzy buzy 😛

And when i was back I had soo many little little surprises! Read more…

Its ad time again :)

March 31, 2009

Yaaay its ads again! So people who read it through reader, come on to the main blog!

These are a few ads I found are either funny or creative…..have a look and njoi 🙂

This one, haha I particularly enjoy….esp shes hot wala and liar one….this is creative def and very funny too! what say you? Read more…

Go Green – Another one !

March 29, 2009

Man, this is addictive 😛

Situation – Mom and her 3 yr old daughter planting plants in garden

Mom : So, girls planting plants is best thing you can do to go green because…..[thinking]

Daughter – it gives Oxygen and….

Mom : which helps us in [thinking]

Daughter – Breathing!! 🙂

Funny how we overlook the basic things! ******************************************************************************

This is specially dedicated to Smitha’s  Miss Little Sunshine  and sweet little Peanut of Solilo’s!

Ladies, ur angels are smart!!


A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)

A setting,

One or more characters,

Some conflict, and

A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)